Louise Strøe

I grew up in Denmark surrounded by art and classic design. Furniture by some of the most experimental and innovative architects who honored the old traditions of perfected craftsmanship. Design with respect for the materials and pride in function and detail. Paintings by modern 20th century artists. Jewelry by old masters and avant-garde designers and artisans. At an early age I learned to treasure and understand good design and I soon developed a deep appreciation for beautiful and useful objects. I started painting and creating and collecting jewelry as a young girl. Simple necklaces of African beads, bracelets, necklaces and silver rings of turquoise, onyx and lapis lazuli. Glass beads, natural objects and even recycled material, nothing was really off limit. 

After graduating from high school I traveled around Europe and found great joy in scavenging flea markets in France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, there I would find artisan and tribal jewelry from all over the world. Through my years at the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen I developed and sought to perfect my design skills and after graduating from the department of Spatial Design I continued to experiment and explore further painting and design. My husband, who shares my interest in art and design, gifted me with jewelry from talented contemporary Danish goldsmiths and artisan pieces from trips to New York and London. 

A few years after having my two girls,  my husband, kids and I moved to the San Francisco area where we found a life of creativity, ideas and innovation. While I raised my young daughters I spent the free time I had on painting and designing jewelry. The natural beauty and spiritual roots of the San Francisco Bay Area have been a constant inspiration to my work and in 2005 I launched my first one of a kind jewelry collection at a private show. The excitement of the pieces others shared with me encouraged me to continue and in 2011 my husband and I founded Peace à Porter - one of a kind jewelry inspired by the world. I had finally found a way to materialize my dream of combining my interest in creating jewelry with my desire to support individuals and organizations which work to promote peace and human rights.